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Pale New Dawn - Chapter 2 | Edward/Bella | Rating - R

Title: Pale New Dawn
Chapter: 2
Author: statueofadonis 
Rating: R
Word Count: 1658
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Edward/Bella focused
Warnings/Spoilers: First several chapters of Breaking Dawn spoilers
Brief Summary: My rewrite of Breaking Dawn following the chapters of Edward and Bella's honeymoon, assuming no pregnancy, but otherwise the same life problems... (love triangle, Volturi, etc.)

    I didn’t really notice when we’d reached the top of the stairs. It was hard to notice anything when I was kissing Edward. My brain did not have enough room to process my physical location on a normal day, and I still had a tiny bit of guilt eating away at me as well.
    “I’ll leave you for a moment to change clothes or do whatever you need. Take your time – it might be your last human minute,” Edward laughed mechanically before leaving my side. He ran with inhuman speed back into the kitchen.
    I walked into our bedroom and headed for the closet. The dress Alice had chosen was hanging over the door, and I decided I’d make her happy and wear it. I undressed and slipped it over my head. I started to head downstairs to get Edward, but he was already standing in the hallway, his back to me.
    “Were you spying on me, Mr. Cullen?” I said playfully, approaching him and pinching him at his waist. He turned around and took my face in his hands.
    “Of course not! I was being a gentlemen and waiting for your permission as always, Mrs. Cullen,” he said with a dazzling smile. I stood on my toes to kiss him, and he returned my kiss with the urgency of our last. His fingers slipped from my cheeks into my hair, winding against my scalp. I put my hands on his hips and pulled him towards the bedroom. He sensed what I was trying to accomplish, and shuffled us past the doorway, nudging the door closed with his foot.
    He pushed my face away from his. “Did I mention I really like this dress on you?” he smirked before finding my mouth again. I ran my hands under the waistband of his boxers, gently grazing his lower back and hipbones with my fingertips. He shuddered lightly in response, but kept his hands in my hair and his kisses fervent.
    I traced my hands up the back of his shirt and around to his stomach. He was wearing a black button-down, and the contrast made the skin of his neck and face look exquisite in the soft glow of the sunset. He untangled his hands from my hair, careful not to disturb our kissing, and unbuttoned his shirt with vampire speed. I pulled it off his shoulders and moved my kisses to his neck.
    I mischievously grazed his collarbone with my teeth and felt his quick intake of breath. “I think you’re confusing our roles tonight, Bella,” he chuckled. His voice was deep velvet, and his breathing was louder than usual. I ran my hands down his stomach and hooked my thumbs in his pockets.
    “Don’t worry… my teeth are nowhere near sharp enough to draw blood,” I said, using my best seductive voice.
    “Yet,” Edward added in his husky voice, slowly sliding his hands up the back of my thighs. He lifted my dress as he went, and stopped when he reached my shoulders, pulling the rest of it over my head. I wasn’t wearing anything underneath it – I got the impression that I shouldn’t wear anything too restricting. I saw his eyes flicker down to look at my body, and the blood rushed to my face.
    Edward’s smile lit up the room as he cupped my face in his hands. “You have no idea how much I love this,” he said, stroking my warm cheeks.
    “Enough to stop you from making me immortal?” I added. I didn’t like him to get distracted by my human characteristics – it made me feel like he didn’t want me for eternity if it meant I would lose my heartbeat.
    “Of course not, Bella,” he said, soothingly. He put his forehead to mine; it felt like he was looking into my soul. “I wish you would stop saying things like that. I thought I had explained this enough,” he frowned a bit. He was too adorable when he did that. I shrugged a little and busied myself with the buttons on his pants. He tutted disapprovingly, but I knew he wouldn’t push me away tonight.
    As soon as I managed to undo his pants, he locked my hands in his iron grip. “Just to keep me under control, I’d like it if you let me proceed from here,” he added with a wink. He used a free hand to scoop me up and carry me to our bed.
    I sprawled out across the comforter while I waited for Edward to join me. It only took him a few seconds to free himself from the rest of his clothes. The sun was nearly set now; the brilliant oranges and reds that had filled the room were fading away, but there was still enough light for my weak human eyes to take in the sight of Edward before he sat beside me on the bed. I sat up and clawed at his shoulders, trying to pull him down to lie next to me. Obediently, he fell to the bed at my side.
    I snaked my legs around his hips and pushed myself upright so I was straddling him. His eyes widened with concern. He opened his mouth to speak but I smashed my lips against his and reached beneath me to find his cool hardness. I stroked him gently, feeling a growl building in his chest. Edward did not like to be submissive; he thought it was unnecessarily risky as long as he was still fighting back the urge to kill me. I just wanted to try something a little different to take his mind off the night’s other activities.
    I grabbed him with more force, and slid my hand faster along his length, our mouths still moving together. His hips bucked reflexively, and his tip grazed my thigh. A small moan escaped me, vibrating against Edward’s lips. His eyes flew open to glare at me – they were melted gold, burning with passion. He was enjoying himself, but was still upset that I was taking control.
    Afraid he was going to use force soon, I positioned him beneath me and lowered myself on top of him. This new position was different than anything we tried on the honeymoon, and I loved the new sensation. I kept my eyes on Edward as I gently moved up and down. His hands grabbed at my hips and he used his strength to move me faster. I was excited that he wasn’t putting up a fight anymore, so I let myself go.
    Soon, we were slamming together, fueled by passion. Somewhere in my mind, I knew this was going to leave the kind of bruises that haunted Edward, but I also knew I wasn’t going to live long enough to see them develop. The reminder that I was going to be changed tonight sent a new thrill through me, and I was surprised to find myself thinking of his bite as I rode the first orgasm. The feel of his cold teeth at my neck, knowing that he pained for my blood, becoming a beautiful immortal and losing my frailty… I quickly orgasmed again. Edward was right behind me this time. Taking care to remove his hands from my waist, he instead clawed the comforter to shreds as he tensed and twitched. I felt his venom cool my insides, and we laid connected for a few more minutes while my breathing slowed.
    “That was very dangerous, Bella,” Edward’s face turned severe once the euphoria wore off a bit. “What if I had lost control? There was no way I could have gotten away from you.”
    “Oh, shut up already, Edward. You know you just have issues with being dominated. It wouldn’t have been difficult for you to move me if you needed to get away – you have superhuman strength, remember?” I rolled off of him and nuzzled into his side. “Besides, so what if you bit me? Just another thing to cross off on the agenda.”
    “Bella—“ Edward started.
    “No, I know, just be quiet for two minutes and let me enjoy my post-sex snuggle, please.” He was such a typical man after we had sex.
    We laid together for a few minutes in silence. Then Edward took my face in his hands and kissed my nose. “Let me get your clothes for you. The sun has gone down and some of the family is coming upstairs to check on us.” Edward leapt off the bed. By the time I glanced up at him he was wearing pants. He tossed the dress on top of me, and I slid it over my head and adjusted it so I was covered.
    Edward opened the door slightly and looked into the hallway. I could hear Alice and Jasper talking now as they approached our room.
    “Edward! We were just coming to see where you were in the process,” Alice stated, mostly for my benefit.
    “Well, I’d like to do this… alone, if possible? I know Carlisle can come in immediately following with the morphine, but I feel this is a very personal experience for us and I’d like to keep it private,” Edward answered. Private? Alone? I don’t think we ever discussed the conditions of my changing before.
    “That sounds fairly reasonable, Edward,” Carlisle didn’t seem to be fazed by his request. They must have discussed this earlier.
    “Thank you for your understanding. I promise, I’ll call for you as soon as…” but Edward trailed off and everyone just nodded in agreement. I could sense Jasper now, and I felt the calming sensation he was radiating through us all. Most of the family was still hidden behind the door.
    Alice looked at me, her features flashing some concern before she turned and walked back downstairs with the rest of them. Edward closed the door after they’d left and turned to me.
    “I think it’s time, my love.”

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