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Pale New Dawn - Chapter 3 | Edward/Bella | Rating - R

Title: Pale New Dawn
Chapter: 3
Author: statueofadonis 
Rating: R
Word Count: 1866
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Edward/Bella focused
Warnings/Spoilers: First several chapters of Breaking Dawn spoilers...
Brief Summary: My rewrite of Breaking Dawn following the chapters of Edward and Bella's honeymoon, assuming no pregnancy, but otherwise the same life problems... (love triangle, Volturi, etc.)

    I didn’t understand Edward sometimes. Well, I would never really comprehend most of his choices, but sometimes there seemed to be even more that escaped my understanding. For all the worrying he has put me through, constantly bringing up the possibility that he won’t be able to stop himself from eating me when he starts my transition, now he decides he wants us to be alone for my changing. I thought he was using Carlisle as a security blanket.
    “What was that all about? Shouldn’t your – our – family be in here with us if you’re going to bite me? You of all people should recognize this as a risk to my safety…” I drifted off after I realized Edward had started laughing quietly. I couldn’t help but glare at his reaction, and he quickly straightened up. “And what’s so funny, now?”
    “Bella, I can’t believe how all of my anxiety has rubbed off on you,” Edward said, sitting down next to me on the bed. “Here I thought this decision would be making you happy. I thought this would be what you wanted.”
    “Why would I not want them here to support you?”
    Edward took my face in his cool hands and leaned towards me. “Don’t you feel this experience – delivering the bite that will stop your heart and keep you with me for eternity – it’s all very passionate, isn’t it?” he whispered, inches from my face. His breath swirled around senses, the most beautifully sweet aroma, leaving me momentarily speechless. He continued, “I just thought maybe it would be more fitting if, for this occasion, we were alone. If we could have our last moments together in this life, before we continue on to the next chapter of yours.” His eyes smoldered as he spoke, and he pressed his chilly lips against my jaw.
    Still, I couldn’t formulate any words. What was he getting at? Did he mean ‘alone together’ as in…?
    “Please, speak, Bella. Your silence is worrying me,” Edward mumbled, shifting his lips and planting a kiss beneath my ear. “Share with me what’s going on in that beautiful mind of yours, love.”
    “Are you sure you can’t read my mind?” I pulled away from him, my face reddening with chagrin. Edward’s curious smile dissolved into a look of confusion. I tried to continue, but lost all grace in the process. “I mean, this all seems very sudden… And, well… When we were, um, together, just now, I imagined you biting me, and it… kind of…” I knew I’d have to mumble this last part quickly or else I’d never get it out, “…turned me on?” For some reason, it came out as a question. Just another side effect of the mortifying embarrassment of speaking these thoughts aloud, I’m sure. I buried my face into his chest, hiding the deep red stain of my cheeks.
    Edward would have blushed had he been able, as he was just as new to this notion as I was. We were still quite inexperienced when it came to fulfilling each other’s physical desires, having only been married and together on that level for a relatively short time. Edward’s expression turned curious for a second before a mischievous grin spread across his face. With this devilish look in his eye, he might appear truly frightening to someone that didn’t know better. Moments like these, when the look on his face mirrored his plotting thoughts – this is when he truly looked like a vampire. Vampire… Oh, how I could throw that word around so easily nowadays.
    A deep growl resonated in Edward’s chest, interrupting my thought process, and I realized that he was now prepared to act out my newest fantasy. He quickly hopped onto his toes so he was on the bed in a crouched position, ready to pounce with unparalleled agility. I scooted myself backwards to the edge of the bed, not having to try hard to look scared. I watched the muscles tighten in his arms, and in a split second he was hovering over me, his eyes burning with intensity. He bared his teeth fully and leaned close to my face. The sweet perfume of his breath was strong in my nostrils, coaxing my desires.
    I lifted my hand to his face and hesitantly grazed my fingers through his bronze hair. He brushed his face against my arm, breaking character momentarily to smile and wink. He tried to look menacing again, but couldn’t completely hide the softness of his expression. “Are you ready, Bella?”
    “Yes, I’m ready. I want to be with you forever…” The tears welled up in my eyes, spilling over quickly – a mixture of happiness and sadness. A quiet sob escaped me. Edward understood. He wiped the tears away with his thumbs and leaned forward, kissing me passionately. His tongue tasted my lower lip; his hands weaved their way into my hair and down my dress to my back. I threw all of my emotion into the contact our bodies made, running my hands down his bare chest and crushing my hips against his. My face was wet with my tears, making our kisses salty. The moment felt urgent and anxious – I didn’t know if I would ever feel exactly this way again. The risk is worth it for a lifetime of this, I assured myself.
    Edward pushed me onto my back against the bed, and pulled the straps of my dress down over my shoulders with his mouth. He frenziedly kissed along my collarbone, pausing only occasionally to taste my skin with his tongue. I took one of his hands in mine and kissed along his palm and fingers, tracing the creases of his marble skin. His spare hand moved slowly along the inside of my leg, up my dress, settling on my thigh. I yearned to have him closer; my desires swelled inside of me.
    He brought his face next to mine, locked his eyes with my own, and whispered, “Forever.”
    Then, he leaned down to the base of my neck, as if to kiss me. There was no way I could have been prepared for the sensation that followed. In one effortless bite, his teeth easily sank into my flesh, piercing every layer until making contact with my bloodstream. His venom flowed freely, and mixed with my blood, infusing the poison into my system.
    I gasped loudly out of shock and pain. He did not linger at my neck for long, but time seemed to stretch endlessly. My burning desires were replaced with the searing pain slowly spreading from the wound, which Edward had licked clean. He was careful not to look me in the eyes as he made similar lesions on my wrists and ankles.
    My body pulsed with pain, but I fought to stay conscious.  Edward’s face was creased with uneasiness, and he still avoided my gaze. He leaned down to my ear. “I’m so sorry, Bella. If there was any way I could make this easier on you, you know I would do it without hesitation. This is the only way.” I knew once I was undergoing the transformation that he would be miserable with guilt, as unreasonable as it may be.
    In seconds, Carlisle was through the door with Esme in tow carrying medical supplies. My vision throbbed with every beat of my heart, the venom flowing farther from Edward’s bites with every pulse. I knew I would have to close my eyes soon. My body began to sweat; I was getting a fever from the infection of the foreign poison. Liquid fire spread to every extremity. Edward’s face was still next to mine. I tried to lift my hand to rub his back, touch his face… somehow let him know that I wasn’t blaming him. But as soon as I moved at all, the pain from the fresh wounds stabbed through my entire body. I feared trying to speak, worried that it would resemble more of a scream.
    Soon, the blood forcefully pumping through my arteries was nearly all I could hear. The sound seemed amplified as my heart struggled to keep beating; every thud was like a bass drum sounding in my chest. Carlisle was giving instructions to Edward and Esme, but it took all my strength to make out their voices. Edward remained at my side while Carlisle set up an IV. Esme handed Edward a wet washcloth, which he dabbed at my cheeks and forehead, his other hand gently stroking my arm. The pain in his face was unbearable, but I was still afraid to close my eyes. I swiveled my gaze to each of their faces, looking around me helplessly, while everyone just stared back in pity.
    Suddenly, Edward’s eyes met mine, his face full of alarm. He gently let go of my arm and spun to face the door where Alice had just entered the room. Her mouth hung agape, her arms limply dangling at her sides, as she took in the sight of me. I watched her mouth form the words, “I’m sorry,” and she turned to meet Edward’s gaze, her face pained.
    Carlisle quickly approached Alice’s side, his brow furrowed in confusion and worry. I strained to hear their conversation over the sound of my drumming heart.
    “…Just disappeared,” I heard Alice say. Edward’s eyes were fixed on a point on the wall, obviously listening to thoughts with deep concentration.
    “How long do we have?” Carlisle shot a glance in my direction.
    “Does it matter? We can’t go anywhere! Look at Bella…” Edward raised his voice. What was going on?
    Suddenly, everyone turned to face the door. Jasper meekly peeked around the corner, eyeing me in bed. I knew he was worried about me, but was keeping his distance until he was sure there was nothing left in the room that would challenge his self-control. Edward had done a very careful and thorough cleanup job. Jasper took a careful breath before entering and fully directing his attention to Alice.
    “I felt the tension from across the river. What’s happened?” Jasper gently took Alice’s hand in his, and they exchanged a love-filled glance.
    Alice pressed her free hand to her temple and rubbed her face gingerly, squinting her eyes in concentration. After a moment, she sighed in resignation. “I’ve lost my visions of Bella after her transformation. I think we need to prepare for some wolf company very, very soon.”
    As if my heart wasn’t strained enough, it fought to beat even faster. I could no longer fight to hold my eyes open; they burned and swelled with poisonous tears.
    Jacob was coming for me. I couldn’t comprehend what this meant. A million questions developed in my brain, and my sudden anxiety seemed to overpower the unyielding pain.
What would he do when he saw me? Would I still be burning in my skin or would my days of pain be over? Did he think he could change my mind? What did he think he would find here?
    Jacob was coming for me. But, no matter when I see him next…
    It will be too late.
I faded into drug-induced unconsciousness.

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